The idea of this company started long ago when I received a book when I was ten from my mother in 1978. It is called “The Yankee Book of Forgotten Arts” and is a manual on how to engineer the difficult task of setting up and maintaining life as it once was in America. With the hope that one day I could build some of the projects(and maybe raise an animal or two), I hauled it around with my core group of books for the last 36 years. If the power went out tomorrow, this is the book I would grab.

  Then four years ago, someone bought me this series and I realized that if I didn’t learn some of these “forgotten” arts, I probably wouldn’t make a Montana winter either. So, with the help of a lot of friends taste buds, I went to work on learning this craft.

  Over fifteen thousand pounds of bacon later, I bring you Flying Pig Provision Company.

For yer pleasure.


September 2013


UPDATE 2019:

So in the last six years we have been through a lot and, with your help, we are

still around. We have hand-rubbed and smoked over 80,000 pounds of bacon and hope to do much more.  Thanks again for all you do for us and we look forward to continually finding better ways to serve you.  Please let us know.

For yer pleasure.

-Jerome and James

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