We make the best bacon.  Period. And we will not apologize for saying so.  From the quality of the ingredients to the quality of the craftsmanship,  the flavor of this bacon will change the way you look at any other bacon again.  Each and every belly is handrubbed with our signature dry cure, overhauled every day, then hot smoked to mahogoney perfection.  For yer pleasure. I


The Original.  Featured in Austin Monthly Magazine with Cenote (best brunches in Austin) and served at Vino Vino and Hopfields for over four years, this bacon started it all.  Based on my original Pancetta recipe, I decided to smoke the belly with applewood and hickory instead of hanging it to dry; and the results were amazing.

Cured with kosher salt, dark brown sugar, fresh garlic and spices, this bacon has that well balanced pancetta depth with a delicious smoked finish.  Great as bacon or lardons to accent any dish.


The Classic.  Our number one selling bacon is our take on the classic American Farmhouse style.  A perfect balance of salty sweetness ends in the smoky notes of live oak charcoal and mellow hickory.  Featured at such places as Snack Bar, Austin Ale House, GoBites, and Pink Avocado, it is the perfect breakfast bacon. 

Cured with kosher salt, dark brown sugar, dark amber maple syrup, and spices, this bacon has a perfect balance of salty sweetness ending in the smoky notes of live oak charcoal and mellow hickory.  This bacon is also great at starting a pot of beans or wrapping some shrimp for the barbeque.


The Dream.  I couldn't get it out of my head.  Ancho Espresso.  Ancho Espresso.  Over and over again.  So I locked the door and went to work on taking those deep rich flavors and  transforming them into a signature bacon.  With the help of John and Jasta at Love Puppies Brownies, who let me borrow their taste buds, I bring you Rise N' Shine. 

Cured with kosher salt,  dark amber maple syrup, our signature ancho-espresso dry rub plus a fresh brewed italian espresso,  this bacon has a deep complex combination of flavors that keep revealing themselves with each and every bite.  What really sets it apart, though, is the delicate smoke finish of pecans to give it a nutty sweetness that only pecans can possess.

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