This is the stuff that great sandwiches are made of. Piles of thinly sliced fresh deli meats created by us that are rich and complex in flavor and texture.  Nothing pressed, shredded or processed, just the best cuts of meats treated to the true farmhouse traditions of slow patient craftsmanship and top quality ingredients.



Tradition.  That is what ham is: tradition.  We honor that tradition by going back to the way ham were once made.  Sourcing only the best all natural pasture raised pigs and the freshest ingredients, we fashion our hams to create memories.  Memories of holiday dinners with family and friends or just that amazing sandwich you threw together to tame a late night hunger.

Each ham is cured for over a week in our signature brine and then hot smoked over natural charcoal with hickory and applewood for over 12 hours until it reaches mahogany perfection.



Long forgotten and left to linger in the meat case, as the pale, dull and bland one; turkey was just the  "low fat" way to fill a sandwich.  That's all. 

Turkey Turkey, on the other hand, is a completely different animal.  Basted with lemon herb butter, lightly smoked, then slow roasted for four hours, these all natural turkey breasts will change your mind on what deli turkey should taste like.  No need to buy salty rubbery pressed turkey again. 

The best thing about Turkey Turkey is that it's a favorite with the kids and even picky eaters ask for it by name. Turkey Turkey!

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