Do you raise pigs?

Noper.  We do not own a farm and do not raise pigs.

Where do you get your meat?

We get our bellies from a family farm collective in Iowa and our pork legs for the hams from a family farm collective in Houston.  All of our bacon, ham, and turkey is all natural hormone and antibiotic free

Do you ship?

We currently are not shipping but are doing home delivery here in Austin.  It is our goal to be shipping after the first of the year.

Do you make "uncured" bacon?

"Uncured" meat is a lie and a new marketing tool to trick people into thinking they are eating something special and paying more.  Since they use celery powder to get the sodium nitrite into their product and cannot tell you how much sodium nitrite is in the product, the USDA will not allow them to tell you that it is cured.  You actually could be ingesting more sodium nitrite than the specific lab tested and ratio approved nitrite that we use.  BTW, sodium nitrite is good for you, is in a ton of different vegetables, and was used since Roman times when they discovered its properties in the salt mines.