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  Our pork has been developed with two things in mind when it comes to our final product. Number one is how they raise our hogs compared to others. And number two the final product that you have right on your plate.

  To accomplish both goals we have selected Beeler's Heluka production model and breed. This process ensures that our pigs are raised with compassion, and that you the consumer has the most Exceptional, consistent, wholesome and safe experience for the entire family.

  Now we mentioned the Heluka process before, I would like to tell you a little more about this process.The Heluka houses were designed to provide the most comfort and pleasure for pigs. All our pigs have free access to the bedded areas, food and water courts. This means that they can lounge around in the deep-bedded areas or bask in the sunshine all at their leisure.

  To go a little more in-depth at our Heluka homes, when our baby pigs are weaned off the mother hogs they are taken from their maternity rooms to another house, where they are free to romp, root and run with one another. The free access to the food and water eliminates the competition.

Bottom line our hogs stay stress free!!!!

In 1846 when Beeler's great-great Grandpa Fred come over from Germany to Madison County, Iowa, and he bought his first farmsted and started to raise the hogs that you know today.

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